About the Artist Oleg Shyshkin.


Oleg Shyshkin is the owner of “Wrought Irony Art Ltd.”, Canada. This year the company celebrates its 25th Anniversary in North America. In August of 1996, Oleg Shyshkin, an architect by profession, opened a creative studio in Toronto, Canada, for the design and artistic forging of wrought iron. In short order, it became one of the most renowned and sought-after in North America.


Shyshkin had extensive experience as an architect, interior designer and artist in his homeland, Ukraine, in Russia and Moldova, where he had supervised and participated in many prestigious projects. Early in his career, Shyshkin had been fascinated by artistic blacksmiths, which he considered an intensely graphic form of art. He believed no other technique could transform lines into art as well as wrought iron.


Shyshkin imported old European traditions of artistic forging to North America. Blending his love of French Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco, he created a personal style that is unmistakably his own. His originality has intrigued clients, who rush to place new orders.


Shyshkin has been commissioned to create pure art; sculptures and decorative pieces; as well as architectural compositions, including gates and fence system, garden gates, staircase,     railings, for both interior and exterior use. He has also been asked to make functional objects, such as lights, lanterns, chandeliers,candelabras, fireplace accessories, mailboxes,  wrought iron tables, dinner tables, coffee tables, fish tank stands, birds cages, garden swings, canopies, spiral stairs, gazebos, trellises, clocks, sculptures and Objects d Arts. 


He creates the designs himself; from preliminary sketches to architectural working drawings; and does most of the fabrication as well. Every work is one-of- a-kind, confirming Shyshkin’s originality.


From 1996 to present the company, directed by Oleg Shyshkin,  created many unique and finest projects in the United States and Canada.


From 1999 to 2011, Oleg Shyshkin’s studio “Wrought Iron Art Ltd”, Oakville, ON, Canada received 27 professional awards (Gold-18; Silver-4; Bronze-4 and one award of excellence)  in The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Awards Competition (an international competition sponsored by the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association), fourteen of them gold medals, including:

Gold award, 2000, Railing “Natasha”       / Reno, NV, USA/
Gold award, 2000, Door Grill “Mexico”     / Reno, NV, USA/
Bronze award, 2000, Gate “Casa Notre”  / Reno, NV, USA/

Gold award, 2001, Door Grill “Wine”         /Savannah, GA, USA/
Gold award, 2001, Console “Fantasy”     /Savannah, GA, USA/
Silver award, 2001, Gate “Magic Forest”  /Savannah, GA, USA/
Bronze award, 2001 Railing “Art Deco”   /Savannah, GA, USA/

Gold award, 2002, Railing “Lady Bug”     / Galveston, TX, USA/
Gold award, 2002, Gate “Art Nouveau”    / Galveston, TX, USA/        
Bronze award, 2002, Console “Magnolia” / Galveston, TX, USA/


Silver award, 2003, Railing “Ludmila”      /Covington, KY, USA/

Gold award, 2004, Fountain “Holly Ghost”  /Sacramento, CA, USA/

Gold award, 2004, Balcony “Vienna”            /Sacramento, CA, USA/
Gold award, 2004, Gate “Kings Brook”        /Sacramento, CA, USA/

Gold award, 2007, Bed “Anthony”            /Dustin, FL, USA/

Gold award, 2007, Door “Anthony”           /Dustin, FL, USA/

Gold award, 2007, Architectural Composition “Ukrainian Spring”  /Dustin, FL, USA/


Gold award, 2009, Gate “Zoriana”                         /Long Beach, CA, USA/

Gold award, 2009, Door “Opium”                 /Long Beach, CA, USA/        

Silver award, 2009, Railing “Leonid”        /Long Beach, CA, USA/    

Silver award, 2009, Mailbox “Apple Tree”   /Long Beach, CA, USA/



Award of the Year (Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence)

                                                 /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, “Weston Estate Gate” /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, Railing “Opium”          /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, Stairs “Donna”                        /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, “Tree of Happiness”   /New Orleans, LA, USA/

 Bronze award, 2011, Gate “Simon”                     /New Orleans, LA, USA/




Shyshkin is a member of many artistic associations, including AIA (American Institute of Architects), BABA (British Artist Blacksmith Association), ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America), NOMMA (National Ornamental and Miscellanies Metals Association), Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.     



Although his business now has its headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, Shyshkin is receiving more and more orders from the United States. He has completed projects in California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida and Illinois as well as throughout Ontario.


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Some architectural compositions was shown in the movie " Isn't it Romantic", 2019

It was interior staircase, exterior balcony railings, exterior facade lamps.



As a sculptor and architect, Shyshkin has produced art works that highlight artistic individualism. His rare combination of architectural and artistic blacksmiths skills creates unusual results. Today the reputation of this studio is widely recognised. Masters such as Oleg Shyshkin bring prestige to the profession of artist-blacksmith. Once people have seen Oleg Shyshkin’s work, they look at metal in a new way.


“Iron is iron, but it belongs to us,” says Shyshkin. “We model from it, like from wax; because we love it. And iron can feel it.”