27 Professional Awards (Gold-18; Silver-4; Bronze-4 and one award “For Excellence”) in THE ERNEST WIEMANN TOP JOB AWARDS INTERNATIONAL COMPETIOTION, USA, 1999-2011


Gold award, 2000, Railing “Natasha” / Reno, NV, USA/
Gold award, 2000, Door Grill “Mexico”/ Reno, NV, US/
Bronze award, 2000, Gate “Casa Notre”/ Reno, NV, USA/


Gold award, 2001, Door Grill “Wine”/Savannah, GA, USA/
Gold award, 2001, Console “Fantasy”/Savannah, GA, USA/
Silver award, 2001, Gate “Magic Forest”/Savannah, GA, USA/
Bronze award, 2001 Railing “Art Deco”/Savannah, GA, USA/


Gold award, 2002, Railing “Lady Bug”/ Galveston, TX, USA/
Gold award, 2002, Gate “Art Nouveau”/ Galveston, TX, USA
Bronze award, 2002, Console “Magnolia”/ Galveston, TX, USA


Silver award, 2003, Railing “Ludmila”/Covington, KY, USA/


Gold award, 2004, Fountain “Holly Ghost”  /Sacramento, CA, USA/

Gold award, 2004, Balcony “Vienna”            /Sacramento, CA, USA/
Gold award, 2004, Gate “Kings Brook”        /Sacramento, CA, USA/


Gold award, 2007, Bed “Anthony”        /Destin, FL, USA

Gold award, 2007, Door “Anthony”        /Destin, FL, USA/

Gold award, 2007, Architectural Composition “Ukrainian Spring”   /Destin, FL, USA/



Gold award, 2009, Gate “Zoriana”  /Long Beach, CA, USA/

Gold award, 2009, Door “Opium”                 /Long Beach, CA, USA/         

Silver award, 2009, Railing “Leonid”  /Long Beach, CA, USA/      

Silver award, 2009, Mailbox “Apple Tree”   /Long Beach, CA, USA/ 


Gold award, 2011, PSculptural Estate Entrance Gate “Weston Estate Gate” (Petit alais) /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, Sculptural Banister “Opium”   /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, Architectural Metal Composition (Sculptural Stair) “Donna”   /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Gold award, 2011, Metal Sculpture “Tree of Happiness” /New Orleans, LA, USA/

Bronze award, 2011, Sculptural Estate Entrance Gate “Simon”                            

/New Orleans, LA, USA/


Award of the Year (Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence) /New Orleans, LA, USA/2011.



WINNER in Competition announced

by “Young + Wright / IBI Architect” for Project

“Art Work for a Residential Condominium

3400 Lakeshore Boulevard West”, Toronto, ON, Canada       

(Nine artists have been invited to participate in this competition). 

Wrought Iron Architectural Compositions “Ukrainian Spring”  2005


Participant of The ARTHUR ROSS AWARDS 2012 

Institute of Classical Architecture & Art


Participant of PALLADIO AWARDS 2012 DESIGN   


Traditional Building & Period Homes. 2012


Institute of Classical Architecture & Art