"The beauty in working with metal is creating pieces that read well from afar and up close."



"Blacksmithing is an intuitive process that requires a great deal of physical work and even more creativity and patience"



I did not use a computer program to make sketches for the job. Pencil and paper will  still be around for a long time because the hand - sketched drawing contains part of the artist's soul, just like the hand-forged work it initiates. Forging always conceals in its mystery that the blacksmith is a magician, healer and sage. Because the blacksmith uses iron, water, air and fire - the four original earth elements - all universes are fitted on one small forge...



 In conclusion, I would like to say the following: A good product always comes with a good client. If the client trust you and does not give you advice or wishes, does not give a dead-line, and does notattempt to argue theprice, it is best. Nobody has to to know hou quicly or slowly the piece was made, only that it looks good. 

Oleg Shyshkin, Director of Operations.